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Borzois.com General Information About Borzoi

  1. The AKC Borzoi Standard

  2. In English, the plural of Borzoi is also Borzoi.

  3. Despite popular impressions Borzoi come in many coat colors. White is found in the breed in extreme white and spotted patterns. Self (non-white, solid colored) purebred Borzoi are also encountered. The only coat colors not known in the Borzoi breed are:
    Pink eyed white
    Coranz albino
  4. Notes on Coat Color in Borzoi

  5. Some Links for Learning About Russian History

  6. Borzoi Historical Time Line

  7. A Borzoi Bibliography

  8. A list of the Borzoi Club of America's yearbooks and other publications

    Includes contact addresses and a price list. These newer year books are excellent sources of high quality pictures of many different Borzoi!

  9. Borzoi Population Statistics (USA)

  10. Lists of Top 10 ASFA Lure Coursing Borzoi by year, 1979 to 1994.

  11. Borzoi Club of America Home Page

    Contact information for the BCOA, lists of publications and addresses.


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