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List compiled Aug 1997
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The distinctive Russian greyhound, the Borzoi, was maintained in large numbers by members of the aristocracy. These extravagent kennels of up to 400 dogs with their staffs of huntsmen, dog caretakers and the kennel supervisor represented a extensive expendature of money by the noble fanciers of the hunt.

The elaborate hunts staged by the wealthy nobility were reguarded as an extragavance by many social critics in the face of the poverty faced by the laboring classes.

As an aid in understanding the origins of the Borzoi I have located some sites with information on Russian history, especially the history of the nobility.

Strangely the recently popular books I have seen on Russian History, such as Robert Massie's excellent books do not mention the Borzoi kennels. There was a statement in Peter The Great that the Tsar despised hunting.

Incidently the English spelling of the surname of the Russian Royal family is 'Romanov', not 'Romanoff'.

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