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Borzois.com A brief Borzoi Time Line

by Bonnie Dalzell (c) 1995, 1996, 1997
Background : The presence of large hunts in Russia was an activity of the nobility made possible by the long time existance of a feudal society. The nobility had control of a large class of serfs in an oppressive "master-slave relationship". The Russian feudal period lasted much later than did similar feudal governments in the balance of Europe. (General outline from Chadwick p 3)

1260 Reference to hare coursing dogs at court of Grand Duke of Novgorad (Groshans p 9)

1516 Austrian Nobleman brings a Borzoi with him returning from failed diplomatic mission to Moscow) (Groshans p 10)

1613 Imperial Kennels of the Czars (Gatchina) founded (Groshans p 17)

1650 Book of rules dedicated to Borzoi hunting (dedicated to Czar Alexis) published) (Groshans p 10). Emphasis was on performance - corssbreeding for increasing performance common and accepted. Includes first "standard" (Chadwick 3 pg 10)

1773 Son of Buffon (Famouse French Naturalist) purchases 2 dogs in St Petersburg. (Groshans p 18)

1812 Picture of Borzoi from Buffon (Chadwick I plate 1)

1824 Borzoi exhibited in Moscow - "a change was noted in the general attitude toward the breed. Crosses were no longer deemed advisable as the owners were anxious to produce show-winning specimens as well as good hunting dogs.( Groshans pg 10)

1861 Liberation of Russian Serfs, break up of large estates, ending of feudal period of Russian History

1875 - 1st Borzoi in England ( Hanks)

Late 19th Centuary

1884 Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaivich disbanded his Hunt at Peterhof and left to take command of Imperial Hussar Regiment (Groshans)

1887 Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaivitch purchased Perchino estate in Tula. He purchased many dogs in next 3 years (Groshans)

1890 (RUSSIA) Peter Michailowitsch Gubinin published a book on Russian Hunting (500 pgs) reliable account of the developement of the breed from 17th and 18th centuries onwards. Describes 7 breeds of coursing hounds in Russia. (Chadwick 3 pg 11-12)

1889-90 Paul H Hacke of Pittsburg corresponds with A J Rosseau, an Englishman in, St Petersburg, Russia - Hacke is able to purchase a number of Borzoi including Zloeem bred by Prince G B Galitzin who was at that time (according to Thomas) in charge of the Imperial Kennels at Gatchina.

1890-1 (USA) Charles Stedman Hanks, following visit to St Petersburg, installs at least 7 Borzoi in his Kennel at the estate "Seacroft" in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. Hanks Pg 11)

1891 First Borzoi registered with AKC: Princess Irma (20,716)(bitch) and Vladimir (20,715)(dog) brother and sister. Bred and owned by Hornell Harmony Kennels, Covert NY.

1892 (USA) 4 Borzoi registered with AKC one an import: Argoss (Breeder Gen Sokoloff, Russia) wh 1887 black white & tan

1892 (UK) Fist Borzoi Club founded in England primarily due to efforts of Duchess of Newcastle (Hanks p 9)

(US) 3 Borzoi registered with AKC, 2 by C S Hanks, 1 by H W Huntington

1893 - 8 Borzoi register with AKC (2 by H W Huntington, 6 by Chas Stedman Hanks).

1894 Canadian bred male, Kvodka registered by John F Simons, Philadelphia Pa. Breeder is John G Kent of Toronto

1895 - 8 Borzoi registered with AKC including those of C S Hank's and cousin, Lt Allen, who had taken dogs to Ft Riley Kansas in the early 1890's

1896 - 17 Borzoi registered with AKC

1897 - 23 Borzoi registered with AKC

1898 - 4 Borzoi registered with AKC

1899 - 18 Borzoi registered with AKC

1900 - 8 Borzoi registered with AKC

1901 - 30 Borzoi registered with AKC, including the first dogs registered by Valley Farm, Kennels - Simsbury, Conneticutt (owned by J B Thomas).


1908 Advertisement in "Country Life in America" for Pershino Borzoi, N Kosheleff, Supt (Groshans p 17)

1917 (Russia) Russian Revolution ends the era of the noble hunt. Waltzoff writes that some of the Grand Duke's dogs are taken over by Red Army officers. Other sources confirm that this occured.

1933 Portfolio of 19th century Martynow Borzoi Illustrations published in Chicago, USA.

1936 In US Borzoi becomes official name of the breed.

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