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black Borzoi Barnabas with toy white Borzoi Tersai with flowers two head views of Borzoi Sox Mug with Siberian Iris blossums
One can consider Borzoi as the Iris of the dog world or conversely, the Iris could be considered to be the Borzoi of the flower world.
For lots of lovely Iris pictures visit Irises.info
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An organized guide to Rebecca Neal's photos of BCOA Specialities.
These links are organized by Event, Year and Classes.

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Borzoi, also called Russian Wolfhounds, are a large hunting dog specialized for chasing down fleeing prey (coursing) originating in Russia


Partial List of Borzoi web sites
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Partial List of ASFA titled dogs
with birth date and title completion dates


Borzoi Coat Color Information Site

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All About Silkenswift Borzoi - pictures, biographies, pedigrees on line.

Silkenswift is the Kennel name used by Bonnie Dalzell, MA and James Saklad, MD land mail to PO Box 60, Hydes MD 21082-0060. The kennel name is from a story by the late writer, Theodore Sturgeon, and is used with his permission.

The Silkenswift endeavor has produced more lure coursing performance titled sighthounds than any other kennel in the world, and the ratio of performance dogs to litters bred is probably also unmatched if kennels that have bred 5 or more litters are considered.

Silkenswift Borzoi currently has several very promising adolescents and puppies available. Please read about our Borzoi before writing Bonnie Dalzell [e-mail is bdalzell at QIS dot net].

small borzoi image ORC FCh Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos LCM2
#1 ASFA Lure Coursing Borzoi for 1996.
small borzoi image Litter brother Silkenswift Flash of Chaos, FCh SOR SC
#1 AKC Lure Coursing Borzoi for 1996.
small borzoi image Litter brother FC Silkenswift Shadow of of Chaos, FCh SC
#4 Canadian Lure Coursing Borzoi for 1996.
Pedigree of Blaze, Flash and Vlad.
new! Picture and Bio-sketch of Buyan a male Borzoi from Russia who came to the US in 1984.

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