A Borzoi Bibliography

Version 8-28-99

by Bonnie Dalzell

e-mail bdalzell@qis.net

This document is still under construction. Initially it is based on my personal collection of Borzoi material so it is biased towards North American publications in the English language.

If you have information on any Borzoi related books that are not on this list please e-mail it to me. If the books are still in print or if you have copies for sale, indicate price, acceptable method of payment and ordering address. I will include that information in the 'addresses of sources' section.

Index to Online Borzoi materials

  1. Letter from Joseph B Thomas Jr after his trip to Russia in 1907

Index to Published Borzoi Materials

  1. Yearbooks
  2. Studbooks
  3. Books
  4. Magazines
  5. Art
  6. Digital Borzoi Information
  7. Publisher's addresses

  1. Yearbooks

    Yearbooks contain paid advertisements with pictures and pedigrees of Borzoi. Such books are published by many different Borzoi clubs. Many of the older editions are still available from the publishing club. (oop = out of print)

    All About Borzoi, Borzoi Club of Northern California, 1968, hardcover, out of print.
    Borzoi In Canada I, Borzoi Canada, oop.
    Borzoi In Canada II, Borzoi Canada, oop?
    Borzoi Yearbook, BCOA annuals, paperback.
    Borzoi Yearbook, BCOA 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, Spiral bound.
    Heritage I, Puget Sound Borzoi Club, Spiral Bound.
    Heritage II, Puget Sound Borzoi Club, Spiral Bound.
    Heritage III, Puget Sound Borzoi Club, Spiral Bound.
    The Borzoi, BCOA, 196? paperback, oop.
    The Borzoi,BCOA, 1973 hardcover

  2. Studbooks

  3. Studbooks are normally published by registration bodies such as the American Kennel Club (AKC), the German Windhund Club, etc. Studbooks may be published by breed, group or for all dogs registered in a registry. They maybe published monthly, annually or at a greater interval. Some registry's studbooks are merely listing of dogs bred, others contain historical material, photos of dogs and breeder's advertisments - these cases the distinction between these and yearbooks is blurred.

    AKC Borzoi Studbook

    Borzoi have been in the AKC studbook from 1896.

    Originally the AKC Studbook was published annually and included all dogs registered with the AKC, wether or not they had become parents.

    In 1918 the AKC changed its Studbook to a monthly publication. All registered dogs were still published, and changes of ownership and name changes accompanying ownership changes were published. During WWII the studbook was published in a condensed and shortened form to conserve paper. However dog breeding was also curtailed because of the need for food rationing.

    In 1952 the AKC changed the studbook format so that the studbook only contained the names of dogs who were actually parents. This is the format used today. Once a dog has been published in the studbook it's AKC name will have the studbook month and year appended to the end:
    Ch Disaster of Wreched Mess (4-52)

    This indicates that 'Disaster's' name was published in the studbook for April of 1952.

    Other Studbooks

    If you have specific information on other studbooks, including addresses where such books can be ordered and price, I will be happy to include it in this document. Please e-mail me.

    The Swiss, German and Dutch Studbooks are published by Sighthound Groups and frequently contain articles, photos and essays as well as registration information. All dogs registered are included in the book.

    These books vary as to wether they are annual, bi-annual or published every 1000 numbers.

    Registration material for Borzoi in England is published as part of the Kennel Club studbook, which is an annual.

  4. Books
  5. (Unfortunately, many of these are out of print)

    Borzoi Only

    BCOA, Visualization of the Standard
    Authored by a Committee.
    This is a link for ordering.
    Softcover, color pictures.
    In my opinion this is fairly well done. It does not promote any one subtype.

    Borzaya (in Russian), 1984
    Kaznanskei, V E
    hardcover, 197 pages

    Borzoi, 1992
    Sillers, Dr. James (editor)
    Tatiana Van Iten translator
    translations of 2 important essays on Borzoi in Russia
    Borzoi Structure by I P Tarasoff
    Russian Psovoy Borzoi by Eugene Poplavsky
    Russian Championship Rules (by Dr James Sillers)
    Softcover, 33 pages

    Borzois,1971 (includes a translation of The Perchino Hunt by D. Walzoff)
    A rewrite of 'The Borzoi Handbook' 1952 by the same author.
    Chadwick, Winifred E
    1977, 2nd edition with additional illustrations
    Kingprint Limited
    hardcover, 176 pages

    Borzois, 1990
    McRae, Gail
    2nd edition
    TFH Publications
    hardcover, 191 pages

    How to Raise & Train a Borzoi,1964
    McRae, Gail
    TFH Publications
    softcover, 64 pages

    Hunting with Borzaya (in Russian), 1957
    Kaznanskei, V
    paperback, 64 pages

    Le Barzoi, Le plus noble des levriers, 1960) (French)
    Hanks, Stedman Shumway
    Olivier Perrin, publisher
    hardcover, 81 pages

    Life and Legends of the Borzoi, 1977
    Worthing, Eileen
    Hoflin Publications
    hardcover, 127 pages

    Life with Borzoi, 1977, 1986
    Gilette, Phydelma
    Hoflin Publications
    1st edition, hardcover, 148 pages (1977)
    2nd editon, softcover, 149 pages (1986)

    Mayas, Linehan & Landreth, 1979
    Linehan & Landreth,
    Hoflin Publications
    fiction, hardcover

    Observations on Borzoi, 1912
    Thomas, Joseph B
    Houghton Mifflin Co
    hardcover, 123 pages
    facsimile reprint 1976, 1995
    Hoflin Publications

    Riders of the Wind, 1963
    Traviner, Mary
    a bound edition of Mary Traviner's Borzoi magazine
    Feb 1956-Oct 1963
    hardcover & softcover editions

    The Borzoi, 1974
    Gordon, John F
    Arco Publishing Co
    hardcover, 112 pages

    The Borzoi, 1905 ?
    The Duchess of Newcastle
    reprint of a phamplet

    The Borzoi Annual
    issued 1984 through 1989
    Hoflin Publications
    A collection of articles, essays and advertisements

    The Borzoi as I Know It, 1930
    Craven, Arthur
    Arthur Craven, F Z S Publisher
    Manchester, England
    facsimile reprint 1977
    Hoflin Publications
    hardcover, 80 pages

    The Borzoi, the Most Noble Greyhound, 1980 (English translation)
    Hanks, Stedman Shumway
    Translation of a 1960 French book.
    Hoflin Publications
    hardcover, 48 pages

    The Borzoi Handbook, 1952
    (includes a translation of The Perchino Hunt by D. Walzoff)
    A rewrite of 'The Borzoi Handbook' 1952 by the same author.
    Chadwick, Winifred E
    Nicholson & Watson
    hardcover, 241 pages

    The Complete Borzoi, 1981
    Groshans, Lorraine
    Howell Book House, Inc
    hardcover, 285 pages

    The Russian Wolfhound, ,1931
    Martin, Nellie L
    Judy Publishing Co
    hardcover, 118 pages
    facsimile reprint 1977
    Hoflin Publications

    Books with significant references to Borzoi.

    Canines and Coyotes, 1941
    Almirall, Leon V
    Caxton Printers
    hardcover, 150 pages
    facsimile reprint 1976
    Hoflin Publications

    Coursing, The Pursuit of Game with Gazehounds (no pub. date - 1977?)
    Grant-Rennick, Richard (editor)
    The Standfast Sporting Library
    hardcover, 303 pages

    Hounds Hares and Other Creatures, the Complete Book of Coursing, 1977
    Copold, Steve
    original book, not a reprint
    hardcover, 103 pages
    Hoflin Publications

    Hutchison on Sighthounds
    The Sighthound Sections of Hutchison's Dog Encyclopedia
    hardcover, 173 pages
    facsimile reprint 1976
    Hoflin Publications

  6. Magazines This list is incomplete. If you know of any Borzoi magazines, either current or inactive, drop me a note and eventually it will be included on the list.

    Many of these are no longer published. However copies continue to be available and their articles and advertisements are a useful source of historical information.

    Borzoi only

    The BorzoiConnection Magazine
    a cooperative magazine combining the magazines of all the Borzoi Clubs.
    The Borzoi Quarterly ( Hoflin Publications),an independent, for profit magazine, no longer published.
    The Borzoi Quarterly (Bull. of Gold Coast Borzoi Club)(inactive ?)
    The Aristocrat (BCOA) (assimilated into The Borzoi Connection)
    Borzoi International (current), an independent, for profit magazine.
    Bulletin of the Midwest Borzoi Club (assimilated into The Borzoi Connection)

    The Borzoi Action Gazette (BAG) (no longer published)
    published by the Mission Trail Borzoi Club in the 1960's and early 1970's. Has pictures of prominant show dogs of the era as well as articles written during the time that Lure Coursing was being developed by Lyle Gillette and other California Borzoi fanciers.
    European Borzoi Magazine

    Sighthound Group Magazines that include Borzoi material.

    The Gazehound (no longer published)
    The Windhound (Hoflin pubs, no longer published)
    The Sighthound Review

  7. Borzoi Art (under construction)

    BCOA Yearplates.

    The BCOA published a nice series of year plates featuring a variety of Borzoi designs.
    This is a link to the Borzoi Club of America's Shop. Available designs are listed there.
    The Borzoi Club of America also has coffee/tea mugs available.
    This is a link to the Borzoi Club of America's Shop. Available designs are listed there.

    Reproductions of old time Borzoi prints available from Bonnie Dalzell.

    8 1/2" by 11" series. $5.00 plus $3.00 per order shipping and handling.
    Printed on a cream paper with a decorative red marbled border.

    Galach O'Valley Farm

    11" by 17" series. $15.00 plus $3.00 per order shipping and handling.
    Printed on a off white parchment tone paper.

    Galach O Valley Farm
    Gentlemen of Leisure by Specht (3 Borzoi listening at a door)

    Hoflin Publications offers a number of Borzoi art prints.

    Prints of Borzoi Drawings by Bonnie Dalzell.

    Reproductions of pen and ink illustrations signed by the artist. Printed on a variety of papers. Color highlights added by hand.

    8 1/2" by 11", $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling per order.
    Ochtai coursing
    Abargi coursing
    Daisy Coursing
    Jamie Makes the Turn
    Seated Borzoi
    Songmaker - Borzoi howling at a full moon.

    11" by 17" series, $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling per order.
    The Red Head of Malora
    The Unicorn Hunt from Dunsany's "The King of Elfland's Daughter"

  8. Digital Borzoi Information (under construction)

  9. Borzoi studbook database run by WebPed(c)

    Bonnie Dalzell's Home Page

    B Dalzell's Home Page.

  10. Source addresses

  11. Borzoi Club of America (BCOA)
    BCOA Yearbooks and Yearplates
    This is a link to the Borzoi Club of America's Shop.
    Available Year Books are listed there.

    Corresponding Secretary
    Karen Mays
    29 Crown Dr
    Warren, NJ 07059
    U S A

    In addition to the Aristocrat, many of the older BCOA Yearbooks are still available, go to the BCOA web site, www.borzoiclubofamerica.com .

    Bonnie Dalzell
    BATW Web Services and WepPed Pedigree Program
    5100 Hydes Rd
    Hydes, MD 20182
    U S A

    Borzoi International, Inc
    Sue Vasick-Croley, editor
    2402 Jim Owens Ln
    Kenesaw, GA 30152-6421
    e-mail contact is sersa@aol.com

    European Borzoi
    Evelyn and Frank Kirsch
    Laagweg 9, D-30982 Pattersen
    e-mail contact is
    Hoflin Publishing
    4401 Zephyr St
    Wheat Ridge, CO
    U S A
    Phones: (303) 934 5656 (6Am to 6PM Mountain (Denver) time.
    e-mail link donh@hoflin.com
    The Hoflin Publishing Web Site

    Midwest Borzoi Club
    Bulletin of the Midwest Borzoi Club
    this was assimilated into The Borzoi Connection
    A link to The Borzoi Connection information page

    A link to The Borzoi Connection information page

    WebPed from BATW Web Services
    5100 Hydes Rd
    MD, 21082
    U S A
    (410) 592 5512 (orders)

    Dr James Sillers
    6760 Seabury Rd
    Imlay, City, MI 48444

      Borzoi, 1992 is available for $10 + $2 shipping and handling
  12. Sighthound Review

    Net.Pet MAgazine Home Page