Borzoi Rescue Information

Please see our Borzoi Breed FAQ
and Bonnie Dalzell's Borzoi Breed Description at NetPet Magazine.

                           Jan 24, 1997

For rescue Borzoi information in Maryland contact:
         Bonnie Dalzell
         5100 Hydes Rd
         Hydes, MD 21082
         410 592 5512
          the voice mail will pick up after 8 rings.
         (be warned unless it is an emergency I may have
         to ask -  you to phone back)

         Pam Meeks of Davidsonville Maryland also is
          active in Borzoi Rescue.

For rescue Borzoi information in Virginia contact:

         Cindy Lastaukas - a Borzoi rescue volunteer.
         Rt 6 Box 1026
         Gloucester, VA 23061

In Maryland:

Jan 25, 1997
Russ: This 3 year old male Borzoi is neutered and
      has had some obedience training given by us
      since we took him in. He is a very happy working
      obedience dog and should do well in competition.
      He is a palimino gold color. He is very well built
      and lovely but strong willed and needs an owner
      with an understanding of difficult dogs.
      He IS NOT suitable for a home with children.

      Contact Bonnie Dalzell (above)


National Borzoi Rescue Information is posted on the:
 BCOA web page.


There is an adoption fee for rescued Borzoi.
It helps with the next one.

Foster homes in the Maryland/Virginia area
as well as nationwide are always needed.

Adopter will be asked to pass a home check and will
be asked to participate in an interview to make sure
that they really want a Borzoi and can cope with the
special needs of the breed as well as with the
individual available dog.

Adoptable dogs can also be fostered in your home
if the home is suitable for them if you would like
to experience a Borzoi before deciding to commmit to one.

Bonnie Dalzell

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