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Borzoi Web Contacts

Almost all of these mailing lists are moderated to some extent by the list owners.
The lists are presented in webmaster arbitrary order.

Remember when sending subscriptions it is listserv without the final E

to subscribe you send e-mail to:
the message you send is only:
subscribe borzoi-L + your first and last name
put nothing else in the message including no signature lines.
List Name Owner/Manager Scope/Web Site Address for subscriptions
Borzoi-H A link to Hoflin Publications a long time publisher of The Borzoi Quarterly Moderated list, General Borzoi discussion on topics of serious concern to fanciers and breeders. go to
you can subscribe from there
Borzoi-News Borzoi News Postings - Club Happenings - General Health
Borzoi News Home Page
founded by Shen Smith listserv is
message should be
subscribe BORZOI-NEWS
BORZOI-L Renee McCartin's List
e-mail to
Strongly moderated list, general Borzoi discussion on topics and chat.

The address is LISTSERV without the final E!

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