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What is it?

It's a Borzoi is a large swift running hunting dog from Russia. They look like a large winterized greyhound with a silky coat and a long skinny nose.

An old name for the breed is "Russian Wolf Hound". Borzoi breeders do not like to call them this for several reasons. First, it is not the correct name for the breed. Secondly people tend to confuse them with Irish Wolf Hounds.

Borzoi is pronounced Bore zoy - rhymes with "more toy" not "bozo".

The singular and plural are the same - Borzoi.

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Hey lady - do you know that your dog is stupid because its head is so narrow?"
No, the thought never occurred to me.

Actually the brain case in the skull is about the same size as in any dog of this weight. However the skull looks flat and narrow because there are no frontal sinuses and because the cheek bones (zygomatic arches) are flattened in.

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