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Welcome to the Borzois.com

small running borzoi
small running borzoi
This Free Web-links Page is for pages with information about Borzois. If you have a site or a page with informative Borzoi content to submit to this links section E-mail Bonnie Dalzell with the complete URL, please include your e-mail address also.

Borzois.com would love to publish your Borzoi articles.
For information about advertising your kennel or product at Borzois.com see below
Bonnie Dalzell and BATW Graphics can help you place your Borzoi site on the Net.
We also offer inexpensive classified ads for kennels and supplies. $40 per year with a hot link to you home pages and a picture. For the single fee these pages will be at both NetPet.com in appropriate sections and at Borzois.com.

If you need an elaborate site set up and hosted here or at your own domain, contact us at BATW.com for an estimate.
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