Pics of Myrrh's Yearling Pups

This is a DNA confirmed dual sired litter and they will be registered as 2 litters with the AKC under its dual sire program.
For right now I am not telling you all which pup has which sire.
If you want to play the "sire game" write me about your guess. bdalzell at qis dot net
Myrrh is:   Carbonel Gwynmyrrh of Avalon  
Sires are: "Eros"   FC Meilikki's Somebody T'Luv FCh   and     "Aster"   Silkenswift Black Aster JC  

There are 3 Aster's and 2 Eros' in this set.

Mother   Myrrh   is dominant black with white tips.
  Eros   is white with red spots and a black mask.
  Aster   is a brindle marked black and tan.

Click on the small image to see a larger image

Silkenswift Leap Frog "Hyla" - dominant black female

Hyla_cute Hyla Hyla_2

Mystique - black masked red female

Rana_hd_l_profile Rana_left Rana_front Rana_front_2 Rana_rear
Rana, 2nd view of left side

Ribbit dominant black female

Ribbit_left_2 Ribbit_right Ribbit_left

Mowgli - red male

Mowgli_front Mowgli_headright Mowgli_headleft Mowgli_left

Silkenswift Sailon SilverGirl - silver brindle female

SilvrGirl_headlft SilvrGirl_left SilvrGirl_front

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