FC Silkenswift Burning Bright, FCh

Presents "The Miracle of Puppy Birth", August 25, 2006

Pedigree of Brightness ] [ "Bio" of Brightness

There are 9 puppies, all have some degree of "irish" white markings.
There are 6 females
One light red, one black and tan, one silver, the rest dominant black. The silver female will probably become gold as an adult.
There are 3 males. One drak red and two dominant black.

Brightness and her Pups in Pictures

Borzoi Brightness at Regional
Brightness winning BIF at ASFA Regional
Borzoi Brightness sweet face
Brightness has a sweet nature
Borzoi Brightness at head study
Brightness has a lovely profile
Borzoi Brightness at side view
Brightness just before her pups - and before I trimmed her long feathering off.
Borzoi Brightness with new litter
Brightness and new born pups, 1 AM: Aug 26 2006
Borzoi Brightness with 5 day old pups Brightness and 5 day old pups, Wed Aug 30, 2006

Silkenswift Midnite Talyn:

Talyn's Pedigree ] [ Talyn's "Bio"

Introducing The Pround Father in Pictures

Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>
Borzoi Silkenswift Midnite Talyn>

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