DC Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos CD LCM4 SORC SGRC CGC
at a gallop

In 1997 Blaze was the #1 NOTRA racing Borzoi, the top NOTRA other breed hound and the #1 LGRA (straight racing) Borzoi.

This gif animation is made of a series of 10 frames taken from a video shot at the 1996 International Invitational Lure Course in South Carolina.

Blaze took Best of Breed on Sunday of this event defeating 23 Borzoi.

Technical Details

The video was shot by Dr James Saklad with a Panasonic WV5000 camera set with the shutter speed at 1/1000'th of a second.

The frames were then digitally processed via a Commadore Amiga Computer/NewTek Video Toaster Flyer to make them into digital images and then color reduced and assembled using the Amiga Program Personal Paint to make a gif animation.


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