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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 13:02:23 -0400 From: Tom & KC <> To: "Bonnie Dalzell, MA" Subject: Ambassador update 7 April 1999 1. On Sunday, 5 April, Ambassador took first place in races in Cologne Germany. Only six females and three males were entered so they had a preliminary race with 2 heats with three bitches each and 1 heat with the three males. The final was one race with all six bitches and the three males again. Ambassador won with ease and posted times of 34.5 and 33.8 seconds at 480 meters. This was his first official race in Germany. His next appearance will be on 17 April (show in open class) and 18 April racing. Both days in Sachsenheim. They have a special award for dogs that score the most combined points in both show and race. Had we been entered in last weeks show, Ambassador might have taken it all. As a side note, our young french boy, Ouragan, took second place in the youth class and was awarded an excellent 2 (V2). He is 14 months old and just beginning his race training at 280 meters. (by this time A had already beaten the German champion in a training run at 480 meters) 2. On Monday, 6 April, Ambassador was attacked by a German Shepherd. He choose not to use his speed to get away but stayed and fought. It took me almost 4 minutes to get them separated. Fortunately there were no puncture wounds on Ambassador and was himself today. I took him to the vet today for a check over and all seems ok. Now I pray that mentally he was not damaged. I don't think so but you never know.This shepherd also attacked Ouragan several months ago. 3. We received your check yestaday - thanks. 4. You sent some really good posts to the B-List on function, speed, and conformation. 5. I hear that Aero is doing very good also - maybe someday we'll be able to get them all on the same field together. More Later Best Regards Tom & KC

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 04:09:12 -0400
From: Tom & KC
To: "Bonnie Dalzell, MA" 
Subject: Ambassador 19 April 1999


Here are the latest results for Ambassador's European campaign..

Date of Race:   18 April 1999
Location:               Sachsenheim, Germany
Club:           Windhund-Rennsportverein Solitude e.V.

Bahn:           480 meter - oval (double U) - sand


33      Rashomon's Blanche (H)          Demmin           D
34      Turgai's Dubna (H)              Franz            D
35      Ilonka vom Einsiedlerhof (H)    Goldman          D
36      Stephun's Ninosckka (H)         Wilhelm          D
37      Stephen's Petruschka (H)        Wilhelm          D
38      Turgai's Dunay (R)              Franz            D
39      Silkenswift Ambassador (R)      Golcher/Thompson D

Vorläufe 1 (1st run)

Lauf 17 Barsoi gemischt   (Race #17 mixed borzoi)

Rot     33      Rashomon's Blanche (H)          35.87
Blau    35      Ilonka vom Einsiedlerhof (H)    45.50
Weiss   37      Stephen's Petruschka (H)        39.75
Schwarz 39      Silkenswift Ambassador (R)      34.12   *

Lauf 18 Barsoi gemischt

Rot     34      Turgai's Dubna (H)              36.75
Blau    36      Stephun's Ninosckka (H)         36.00
Weiss   38      Turgai's Dunay (R)              35.58


Lauf 70

Rot     39      Silkenswift Ambassador (R)      34.10*  S&L Pokal
Blau    38      Turgai's Dunay (R)              36.09
Weiss   33      Rashomon's Blanche (H)          37.36
Schwarz 34      Turgai's Dubna (H)              37.69
Gelb    36      Stephun's Ninosckka (H)         36.92
Streifen37      Stephen's Petruschka (H)        38.21

* = new record - previous record: male (R) 35.55 - female (H) 34.8

Rot = red, Blau = blue, Weiss = white, Schwarz = black, Gelb = gold,
Streifen = striped
S&L Pokal = Shonheit & Leistung Trophy = overall beauty & performace award
from total points of the show held at the same location the day before the

Best Regards

Tom & KC

We know you'll be glad to hear that Ambassador has again placed first in an
European oval compitition.  This week was his first international race,
which qualifies him to show in the working class in future shows. He has
also been selected to represent Germany as one of their 6 male borzoi
entries in the upcoming World Oval Racing Championship on 5 June 1999 in
Leylstadt, Neitherlands.

To date he has entered three FCI/DWZRV oval competitions, placed first in
all three, and set new track records in 4 of the 6 runs (each race consists
of at least 2 runs).

We will now concentrate only on conditioning until the world competition.
We will not enter him in any races before that time.  One disqualification
would eliminate him from the world race and we wish to play safe.

Here are the stats:

Date of Race:  02 May 1999
Location:      Mammendorf, Germany  (40km west of Munich)
Club:          Windhund-Rennsportverein Bayern  e.V.
Event:         International Oval Race
Bahn:          480 meter - oval (double U) - grass

#       Name - Sex                  Owner            Country
16      Silkenswift Ambassador - R  Thompson/Golcher   D
17      Turga's Chudo - R           Franz              D
18      Barzaya Kinzhal - R         Unger              D
19      Turgai's Chernika - H       Franz              D
20      Turgai's Birjanska - H      Franz              D
21      Turgai's Dubowka - H        Franz              D
22      Apera Eurthythmie - H       Kappes             D

Vorläufe        (Preliminary)
Lauf 17            Barsoi gemischt (mixed)

Color      #   Name - sex                Place   Time

Rot(Red)      18  Barzaya Kinzhal - R      1     33.33
Blau(Blue)    22  Apera Eurthythmie - H    3     35.39
Weiss(White)  19  Turgai's Chernika - H    4     37.28
Schwarz(Black)21  Turgai's Dubowka - H     2     35.02

Lauf 18          Barsoi gemischt
Rot           16  Silkenswift Ambassador-R 1     33.16*
Blau          17  Turga's Chudo - R        2     33.95
Weiss         20  Turgai's Birjanska - H   3     41.02

Finalläuf               (Final)
Lauf 40

Rot           18  Barzaya Kinzhal - R      2     33.55
Blau          16  Silkenswift Ambassador-R 1     33.13*
Weiss         21  Turgai's Dubowka - H     4     34.43
Schwarz       17  Turga's Chudo - R        3     34.22
Gelb (Gold)   22  Apera Eurthythmie - H    5     36.57
Streifen      19  Turgai's Chernika - H    6     37.42

* = New male borzoi track record set by Silkenswift Ambassador. Previous
record was 33.61 set by Doubravkaya's Czardas (D) on 25 September 1994.

Best Regards

Tom & KC

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