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En Ch Krilutt (Rus Imp To Eng)

According to Thomas "Krillut" means "winged" in Russian. The implication of the name is "fast in the wind" There is a discussion of Krillut in Joseph Thomas' book Observations on Borzoi (pub 1912). Hoflin Publishers has reprinted the Thomas book.

{picture of Krilutt]
Thanks to Helen Lee for this image of Krilutt

     Sex:M  Reg#:KCR 28177         

     Color: wh, cinder patches  Born: 04-27-1886 

     Studbook reference:   -  -1890

     Breeder: P N Korotneff                             

     Owner:   The Honorable Mrs Wellesley of Merton Abbey, Surrey, England   
               Imported by Col Wellesley.

     Winner of Silver Medal at the Moscow, Russia dog show of 1888.
               Reportedly sold for 400 rubles.


Krilutt's  pedigree  from the English Kennel Club studbook

              grandsire: Krilutt

      sire: Dorogoi (Rus) (Boldareff)

              granddam:  Iskra

grandsire: Kozir dam: Nagla granddam: Schelma

Krillutt's Measurements - Borzoi by Joseph Thomas, pp 30 through 31. Thomas states these were originally published in The Stockeeper.

Measurements are in inches. Multiply by 2.54 to get centimeters.

Length of head                          11 1/2
From occiput to between shoulders       11 1/2
From between shoulders to between hips  23
From between hips to set on of tail      6 1/4
Length of tail (not reckoning hair)     21
   Total length                         73 1/4

Height at shoulder (taken fairly)       30 1/4
Girth of chest                          33
Girth of narrowest part of tuck up      22
Girth just above the stifle-bend        13
Girth round the stifle                  11 1/2
Girth, hock joint                        6 1/2
Girth below hock joint                   4 1/2
Girth, elbow joint                       8 1/4
Girth above elbow joint                  8 3/4
Girth midway between elbow and pastern   6 1/2
Girth of neck                            17
Girth of head, round occiput             16 1/2
Girth of head between occiput and eyes   16 1/4
Girth of head round the eyes             13 3/4
Girth of head round the muzzle, between
   eyes and nose                          9

The Stockeeper report reprinted in Thomas goes on to say:
A report of the Moscow dog show of 1888 describes Krilutt as the winner of a silver medal, which means that he was a fair speciman, but not good enough to deserve the gold medal, only given to hounds of premier rank. He is said to have sold for 400 rubles.

We give these details fully, because this dog being now proved to be one of the handsomest of its kind in England, we think they must be not only interesting but also instructive value as a means of future comparison. Krillutt has the best feet we have seen on any of these hounds: they are more hare- than cat-footed. He is a little short in tail and his head could be somewhat leaner.

This pedigree illustrates one of the problems associated with looking at pedigrees of the foundation dogs in any one stud book. That is that a registry will accept a dog for registration on the basis of a certified foreign pedigree, but when the pedigree is published a lot of important information is left out. The information that is left out includes registration numbers in the foreign registry as well as titles. If the names of the foreign dogs are fairly simple names then the owner's name and the registration number are absolutely essential if the actual ancestors are to be correctly identified when foundation dog pedigrees are compared.
A partial list of descendents:

An Article About Krilutt with a much more informative pedigree:

From ?? and Fanciers' Chronicle Oct 21 1890

Krilutt was born in Mr P N Korotneff's kennel in the village of Libenka (Government of Or???) Russia, on April 2 1886. He was exhibited for thr first time at the fourteenth annual Imperial Dog Show, Moscow in 1887, where he was awarded first prize, the large silver medal.

His sire was Dorogoi, (Bronze medal, 13th Annual dog show, Moscow), whose sire and dam, Krilutt and Iskra, were of the celebrated strain of General Jiharoff. His dam Nagla (small silver medal, eleventh annual dog show, Moscow) was by Mr Yermoloff's Kozir out of Mr Kartavseff's Schelma (Bronze medal). Kozir was by Mr Matevarianoff's Ardagan out of Mr Yermoloff's celebrated Sayga II.

The Hon Mrs Wellesley became possessor of Krilutt after his win at Moscow, and since then he has won the following prizes: - First Alexandria Palace 1888; first Olympia 1889; first Birmingham; 1889; first Crystal Palace 1889; first Agricultural Hall; 1890; first Brighton this week (Oct 24, 1890) beating Mr Paul Hacke's Zloeem.

scan of the stud book page listing Krilutt
Here is an actual scan of Vol. XVI of the English Kennel Club Register fot 1889 "covering wins in 1888".
The studbook material was provided to me by Margaret Davis of Australia.
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