El Jaco of Rancho Gabriel, FCh

El Jaco of Rancho Gabriel, FCh, the first ASFA FCh Borzoi
from the Borzoi Action Gazette, vol 5, #5, Feb 1973

"Pasha" is the first Borzoi to complete his A.S.F.A. lure field trial Championship. He is also the first sighthound to attain the title of Field Champion in 1973. Pasha acquired all of his points in the first six weeks of 1973, in three consecutive trials. He placed first in the Breed Stake at both the BCOA trial and the MTBC (Mission Trail Borzoi Club) trial. His most recent win, was on February 11, at the Northern California Whippet Fanciers trial, where he finished third in the Open-Mixed Stake.

Pasha is pround to be the sire of a litter of eight, out of Ch. Victoria of Rancho Gabriel, whelped February 7, 1973. The puppies have good pigmentation and angulation, depth of brisket, great length of tail and all are brightly colored

Pasha was bred by Lyle and Phyldelma Gillette and is owned by Kay Maccagno of Carmel, California


Pedigree of:   El Jaco of Rancho Gabriel, FCh

Breeder: Phydelma & Lyle Gillette Owner: Kay Maccagno

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