A Borzois.com Historical Reference

This is a sample of the BAG project. Please e-mail comments to bdalzell@qis.net. I would like to know if you find this format (pages scanned as pictures) useable. Can you read them? Can you print them out and use them?

I am hoping to make the entire BAG available at a modest price on CD-ROM along with other historical Borzoi materials as well as posting issues at Borzois.com.

Borzoi Action Gazette, Vol 8 #1, June 1975 .

The BAG was the official magazine of The Mission Trail Borzoi Club, California Borzoi Club Magazine of the 1960's founded by Phydelma Gilette

Since the Gilletes were instrumental in the founding of ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association the first title granting Lure Coursing organization), there are many articles in the BAG which relate to the early history of ASFA and Lure Coursing as a formal sport in the UNited States.

This project was supported by Fern Lockrem and Sara (Czyrna) Williams who generously provided me with many issues of the BAG.

The pages of this magazine are scanned in as image files, so they cannot be searched for text or imported into a word processor. The original magazine was mimeographed and the pages vary in image quality.

If you wish to reproduce or quote from any of the articles, you will have to retype them into your word processor or feed them through a OCR program (good luck). If you do retype any of the articles, please e-mail me (Bonnie Dalzell) a copy of the retyped text and I will use it to produce a text based html page for that article.

If you try to put them through an OCR program make sure you proofread the results carefully.