Borzoi Domain names and sites [with comments] I found as of Spring 2006

List assembled by Bonnie Dalzell with additions by Renee McCartin. This is still a work in progress. If your page is not here send me an e-mail with the address rather than claiming I have committed a deliberate slight. I have not yet finished comparing all of Renee's list with mine as I am checking each link to eliminate dead links. I am leaving a lot of the non-english sites to Renee. Note the phrase I FOUND in the title of this page. Maybe I have not found you yet.

A very complete list of Borzoi web sites, including sites not in North America, is at Renee McCartin's home page We have exchanged lists as part of this project.

In my opinion the most common deficiency of the individual kennel sites is failing to identify the owner, and in some cases the location [including country]. Most people would like to have an idea of who you are and outside of your circle of friends not everyone associates you kennel name with your name. I have been confused with a couple of other Borzoi breeders: Bonnie Nichols of Nickolai Borzoi (dark Borzoi in Ohio) and Dianna Darling (dark Borzoi also in MD)

Again, in my opinion, the most annoying aspect of a few of the sites is poorly done HTML, especially poorly done css, so that text overlaps in modern, but non-MSIE browsers, making things difficult to read. In addition has web page templates that include some script that is SUPPOSED to be deleted before you use the final page on your site. Read their instructions and delete the stuff! The Anglefire script which promotes popups can create problems with some older systems, and can even flood the CPU processor on modern systems.

An excellent resource for helping to generate universally readable web sites is the w3org validator service at

I have a basic page tutorial "An Introduction to Web Page Construction" linked at

Borzoi Magazine and Information Sites

  1. Articles by Rey & Yvonne McGhee on the Borzoi Breed, many historical photos as well.
  2. Articles by Dr Ann Midgarden, DVM on her observations on Borzoi function and confromation.
  3. Being Borzoi Anthology of Borzoi Stories: Gloria Smith, editor
  4. Borzoi Central - This is an information filled site but it has image protection software which - which is supposed to block hotlinking of images - but which also blocks image display in older browsers (such as Ibrowse on my Amiga) displaying an image of a guy with his head up his behind. However if you have a modern browser you will find a lot of Borzoi stuff on this site.
  5. Borzoi Net Hosts many Borzoi Sites
  6. Borzoi Coat Color with illustrations. Created by Bonnie Dalzell, a member of the BCOA coat color committee, to aid with color indexing at registration
  7. Home page for Borzoi Connection Magazine
  8. Borzoi Digest Magazine
  9. WebPed Borzoi Pedigree site, 43,000+ color coded pedigrees. The pedigree information in my database is the result of my work with Borzoi pedigrees dating back to the mid 1970's. The majority of the Borzoi records are from information taken from the AKC studbooks (until the AKC stopped publishing them.) I also have consulted studbooks from other countries. Some information is from the AKC Awards magazine. After the first 5,000 records or so I stopped using pedigrees in Borzoi magazines as the main source of the information since typos creep into those sources. For that matter typos creep into the official studbooks, of course they creep in when reentering the data into a database. The limitation of the site is that I have not updated the dog records significantly since 2001 when Larry Ritter (author of CompuPed) died. Plan a major upgrade soon.
  10. - Bonnie Dalzell's on line Borzoi encyclopedia
  11. Barsoi net is a site dedicated to European Borzoi information. The main site is in German but there are English language pages.
  12. Borzoi Ringen Sweden
  13. List of Borzoi sites on the World Wide Web.
  14. This useful site, founded by Sandra Moore, is available for people to list Borzois for sale, for rescue, etc and Borzoi related items that are available.
  15. Borzoi Memorial group. Currently discussing Donna Maharan. However it is available for other Borzoi related memorial discussions.
  16. Hoflin Publishing Although the long lived Borzoi Quarterly is no more, and even The Borzoi Annual has ceased to have new editions, the Hoflin site still has material of interest to people searching for Borzoi material. Back issues of the Annuals are still for sale.

Borzoi [and Related] Club Sites

  1. subscription breeder listings to BCOA members only
  2. BCOA Rescue
  3. BCOA Rescue
  4. BCOA Rescue
  5. Canadian Borzoi Club
  6. Russian Borzoi Club? International Borzoi Club
  7. Borzoi Club of CA - an incomplete site with links that do not work
  8. borzoiclubofnortherncalifornia.orgBorzoi Club of Northern California
  9. BCOA sec page
  10. BCOA main page
  11. blank site at directnic
  12. Borzoi Club of CA actual website
  13. BCDV Borzoi Club od Delaware Valley BCDV
  14. BCOA Borzoi Health Committee
  15. BCOA Borzoi Health Committee
  16. BCOA site
  17. BCOA rescue
  18. BCOA rescue
  19. BCOA rescue
  20. Suomen Borzoiklubi - Finnish Borzoi Club
  21. Midwest Borzoi Club home page - no links or info ?
  22. Midwest Borzoi Club home page - no links or info ?
  23. National Borzoi Rescue Foundation [Independent Borzoi Rescue, not part of BCOA]
  24. non-latin alphabet
  25. Sara Ose - Northland Amateur Racing Club
  26. Potomac Valley Borzoi Club, blank site
  27. INTERNATIONAL BORZOI CONFERENCE  Mesquite, Texas, USA - Sunday, May 1st & Monday, May 2nd, 2005
  28. INTERNATIONAL BORZOI CONFERENCE Mesquite, Texas, USA - Sunday, May 1st & Monday, May 2nd, 2005

    Individual Borzoi Kennel Sites, alphabetically by Kennel Name
    This is a reference list, and not a testimonial for any kennel listed here.

    Domain Name Kennel Name Owner Name and Comments Aashtoria Borzoi Robin K Reil, WA, USA - * Angelfire site with Angel Fire Site Agust Borzoi Marie A Agun, WA, USA Akanni Hounds Amy Balthrop, MI, USA, Borzoi and Rhodeisan Ridgebacks Aldemoor Borzoi Sandra L. Simmons, TX, USA Anatak Borzoi 2nd site Annwn Borzoi Jennifer Frank, MI, USA Anotak Borzoi Roger & Joyce Katona, Ohio, USA Ardfinnan Borzoi Sonja und Gerald Kettner - Germany Ardagans Borzoi * no owner name, Netherlands Argowan Borzoi Anita Bugges - Australia - black text on blue background Aria Borzoi Rita M Linck, TX, USA Asgard Borzoi Lucie Langlois and Daniel Morrison, AZ, USA Aurora's Borzoi Dieter & Gaby Strube - Germany site has pop ups Auroral Borzoi Jon and Jennifer Steele, MI, USA Java Script Site *2. Avalon Borzoi Sandra Moore, TN, USA Avalyn Borzoi Lynne and Mike Bennett, MI, USA Avatar Borzoi Dan Averill, Maryland, USA * no owner name on site - owner from e-mail Azuma Borzoi David A. Gordon NV, USA Bedford Woods Borzoi * no owner anme or location at site * some links in pink almost same as background Belozor Borzoi Suzanne Liggett Blackmoor Kennel Mrs. Karen Wilkin, NM, USA Blyss Borzoi Lorene Connolly and Robert Dwyer, NJ, USA Bokhara Borzoi Rick & Shen Smith MI, USA Borscana Borzoi Liz Edland & Rickard Sellin, Sweden Borzoi "Un Gengis Khan du Grand Fresnoy" Owner is Martin Borzoi Del Sol Susan Van de Water MD, TX, USA Borzoi Romanovs Kennel in Russia [Russian and English pages] Brave New World Borzoi Sharon E. Johnson, Utah, USA C'Lestial Borzoi Liz Green. KY, USA Celestial Borzoi Nancy Hopkins, San Antonio TX Chalk Butts Borzoi * no owner name or location Chataqua Borzoi * no owner name, Texas Chrysalis Borzoi Pam & Bill Leichtnam, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Clovocres Borzoi's Borzois and pastel portraits. * lots of web cookies * no owner name Cool Run Hounds Borzoi and Silken Windhounds - Gloria Hyland-Fisher, NJ, USA Coquetel Borzoi Julia & John Munro, Ontario, Canada Coronado Borzoi * no owner name, * "Your first contact for help and advice on the UK Borzoi" DjinnSeeker Borzoi Linda & Ed Bourne, Mississippi, USA * css site Eidolon Borzoi Dan and Connie Taylor, MI, USA Ferlinka Borzoi Photo album - not a organized web site Deb West Elista Borzoi * no owner name Fantom Borzoi Tracy Fant Firebird Borzoi Corrine Miller * css site Go Lightly Borzoi Philip, Marcella and Ryan Zobel, CA, USA Greyhaven on Fox Mead Marilyn Polsfuss Gryffyns Aeyrie Borzoi R. Lynn Shell-Whitlock and Victor Whitlock, TX, USA *no owner name at site - found it on linking to site, Veni Harlan - photo gallery site Veni Harlan - photo gallery site Havenview Borzoi Robert Vallejo Pantoja, WA, USA imported dogs Japanese site Can't read site since I do not read Japanese Japanese site But dog pictures have names in western alphabet Jedawn Kennels Dawn and Jeff Hall, Nebraska, USA Jubilee Borzoi Cynthia & Paul Gredys Kansai Borzoi Cricket Murray, North Carolina, USA Karanoff Borzoi Karen Klein, Maine, USA Katushka Borzoi * Macromedia Flash player site - cannot be accessed if you do not have flash KC Kennels Kasey A. Nelson Kelcorov Borzoi Bunny Kelley, CA, USA Kenai Borzoi * owner's name not available Kenibea Borzoi Ros, Greg & Shannon Barden, Australia Kennel Fjascho * no owner name, Norway Khanzade Borzoi Katie Averill, Georgia, USA Kifka Borzoi * no owner name Kinobi Borzoi Rebecca Peters-Campbell, MA, USA Kirov Borzoi Barbara Ewing Korsakov Borzoi Jane Maddox Bishop, Virginia, USA Kristull Borzoi Francie Still, TX, USA Kumasan Borzoi Anne A Dill, FL, USA Kyrov Borzoi Amy Sorbie, Rocky Mountains (no other location), USA * "best viewed at 1024X768 resolution" La Verite Borzoi Richard Mason Terry, TX. USA Laika Borzoi Marlene Sapp, (no state listed on site) Lagniappe Hounds Dee and Greg Jones, Baton Rouge, LA, USA * "YOUR COMPUTER IS NOT CONFIGURED PROPERLY" Laureate [ Hounds of] Monica E. Barry Florida - * css site *well planned Video Clips 3. Le Sphinx Borzoi Marit Folgero, Norway Lostkey Borzoi Ross, Rhonda & Arianna Robins, Pensacola, Fl, USA Lynx Spirit of the Tiger Finnish & Estonian Champion Lynx Spirit of the Tiger "Vito" Majenkir Borzoi Karen and Robert Cartabona, NJ, USA Mandolin Borzoi Pat and Robert Hardy, North Carolina, USA Maschas Borzoi Ralph Jamison, Glassboro, New Jersey, USA Meadow Creek Borzoi Mike and Robin Clifford, Oregon, USA * pale white text on textured white and blue background - hard to read Melockoff Borzoi Gale D. Snoddy, Milford, Ohio, USA Meyta Borzoi Laura Hyatt, MI, USA Mielikki's Hunt Borzoi Renee McCartin, NY, USA Mikaje Borzoi * no owner name or state Miskat Borzoi Leena Harkonen, Finnland Monarch Borzoi Shawn  & Tammy Smith, * no state, * broken links MoonDance Hounds Ann Miller, IL, USA Morozova Borzoi Jerry White, Janet Adams, WA and NV, USA - need date for Morozova's Rafale as #1 ASFA Mutzko Borzoi Paul & Gwen Post, LA, USA Nickolai Borzoi Bonnie Nichols, Ohio , USA North Woods Borzoi Jim & Lauri Anderson, Washington State, USA Oaklara Borzoi Pat Murphy. Il, USA OBobtor Borzoi Robert Torquato, * no location [and Bengal Cats] OZsome Borzoi Janice and Rick Butkowsky, NY Phaedra Borzoi Carol Kubiak Zamora, George Zamora Dr. Kevin Shimel, Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA Pickle Hill Borzoi Fern and Lou Lockrem, USA PoDusham Borzoi Alice M. Reese, AL, USA Porcelain Borzoi Margaret & John Picone, Zebulon, North Carolina, USA Radost Borzoi Lynda and Kirk Gillaspey, NV, USA * Flash front page but you can still enter site even if you do not have Flash Regius Borzoi Doreen Carlstad, Snohomish, Washington, USA Renaissance Borzoi & Silken Windhounds Chris DJ Swilley Riju Borzoi Rich and June Mintchell, IN, USA Roscommon Borzoi Colleen Boyle & Pauline Coe Rosehill Windhounds Sherita Tabner, TX, USA Rusalka Borzoi Jennifer Beach-Buda, Iowa, USA Russian Borzois * no owner name, * css site Ryazan Borzoi Jean Clare SOHounds Sara Ose Savladai Borzoi Helen W Lee, British Columbia, Canada Sedona Borzoi Tamara Carey, Washington State, USA Shefaro Borzoi Sherry Faye Rodarmor, TX * poor use of frames can get into infinate frames within frames mode when doing "back step" Silkenswift Borzoi Bonnie Dalzell, MD, USA Sirovna Borzoi Caroline Thibodeau * Lamont Bearded Collies & Pointers Skyler Borzoi Melissa, Chris & Megan Hundley, Georgia, USA Sky Run Borzoi Barbara N. Skinner, NJ, USA Soyara Borzoi * no owner name, OH, USA Spririt of the Tsar Borzoi * no owner name * Java script site 2. - German Language Spritzkof Borzoi Dr. Ronald & Carol Spritzer Stillwater Borzoi Charles Tyson, USA Sunburst Borzoi Garnett Thompson in Concord, CA, USA SVershin Borzoi Terry & Ann Doane, IA, USA Svora Borzoi Shirley McFadden, Texas, USA Sylvan Borzoi Christopher and Patti Neale, FL, USA - no state but phone number Tahoe Borzoi KC and Steve Artley OH, USA * "view at 800 x 600" * no owner, no location  Teine Borzoi Ann Midgarden, OH, USA Tiarra Borzoi Bill and Kathy * no last name, New England Timeless Borzoi Robin Casey * no owner name on site Tina's Page Memorial Page for a lovely rescued Borzoi Top Flight Borzoi Suzanne Newsom, DVM, GA, USA Trena Chapman Las Colinas, TX, USA Valeska Borzoi Yvonne & Rey McGehee Valinor Borzoi Ormonde and Deborah Butler, Tehachapi, CA, USA Vaskes Borzoi Don Foran, Cork, Ireland * Squished Shockwave Object Vento Danza Borzoi * no owner name Leola, PA, USA Wayfarer Borzoi and Friesian Horses * no owner name Hayward, California, USA Wideview Farm MT Milne, artwork in addition to dogs, * no location given Wild Hunt [Hound of] Ariel Duncan * no last name, no location, Wind'N Satin Borzoi Mary Childs, OH, USA Wildwood Borzoi Kay Henderson CA, USA * pictures are on a 2. Java script slide show WINDHUND FACHVERLAG German Language site WINDHUND FACHVERLAG German Language Site - duplicate link for Windrider Borzoi * no owner GA, USA * "Special Note: This is an extreme website and having a dial-up or slow-speed internet connection service would be timely" Windrift Borzoi Jon & Nancy Reimer, Indiana, USA Wolf Ridge Farms Bob Wimberg * no location Working Borzoi site (as in coursing, etc) * owner's name not available Working Borzoi site (as in coursing, etc) * Wyvern Borzoi * no owner name, * no location Zabava Borzoi * no owner, * no location - may be in Russia

    Non-western alphabet sites

    1. not western alphabet

    Borzoi Art

    1. Borzois in Art & Borzois having fun
    2. Figurines of Borzoi- in German - eventually links to English language site with lots of information about dog art
    3. Gwen Post Quality Art Deco COllectibles

    Site Uses "Borzoi" in its name but is not about dogs

    1. list of congressmen
    2. Music Band site group called Borzoi
    3. The Knopf Publishing Group [Borzoi Books]
    4. Japanese jazz musician

    Commercial - apparently not primarily Borzoi

    1. stuff for sale
    2. stuff for sale
    3. Dogs for sale site
    4. Dogs for sale site same company as
    5. Dogs for sale site same company as

    Unused, For Sale, On Hold or Under Construction
    Arranged alphabetically by domain name.

    1. not yet
    2. no?
    3. no?
    4. Not on Line 2006 04 27
    5. Not on Line 2006 04 27
    6. for sale $900 Seeq
    7. ?
    8. ?
    9. under construction network solutions reg
    10. blank site
    11. blank site
    12. blank site
    13. blank site
    14. blank site
    15. blank site
    16. GoDaddy parked
    17. GoDaddy parked
    18. blank site
    19. blank site
    20. blank site
    21. blank site
    22. blank site
    23. ??
    25. blank site
    26. blank site
    27. blank site
    28. parked site
    29. blank site
    30. blank site
    31. Borzois in Art & Borzois having fun
    32. blank site
    33. ??
    34. blank site
    35. blank site parked directnic
    36. parked at
    37. blank site
    38. blank site
    39. blank site
    40. under construction
    41. blank site
    42. blank site
    43. blank site
    44. blank site
    45. blank site
    46. blank site
    47. blank site
    48. blank site
    49. blank site
    50. site on hold at
    51. blank site
    52. blank site - on hold directnic
    53. ad comes up - blank site
    54. blank site with annoying pop ups
    55. under construction
    56. under construction ?
    57. blank site
    58. blank site
    59. blank site
    60. blank site
    61. blank site
    62. blank site
    63. blank site
    64. for sale - site on hold
    65. parked domain
    66. blank site
    67. on hold
    68. on hold
    69. blank site
    70. blank site
    71. on hold - blank site
    72. site on hold
    73. blank site
    74. blank site
    75. blank site
    76. blank site
    77. blank site
    78. blank site
    79. site on hold ad page
    80. This page is parked free, courtesy of
    81. site under construction

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